Illinois' Smith put on probation for two years after pleading guilty to DUI

URBANA, Ill. -- Illinois basketball player Jamar Smith, who
was at the wheel in a crash that injured a teammate, pleaded guilty
Thursday to aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol.

Champaign County state's attorney Julia Rietz said under the
terms of Smith's plea agreement, the sophomore guard will serve 24
months probation after spending 15 days in the Champaign County

"Smith will receive no good time credit on his jail time
because of the severity of the injuries to his teammate, Brian
Carlwell," Rietz said. "He will also serve 100 hours of public
service and take 75 hours of substance abuse classes, plus paying
$850 in fines and $150 in lab fees and court costs."

Carlwell suffered a severe concussion when Smith's car struck a
tree in Champaign the night of Feb. 12 during heavy snow. Police
said the two, both 19 at the time and too young to drink legally,
had been drinking tequila and beer before the crash. They said
Smith had a blood-alcohol level more than twice the legal limit.

Police also said that Smith, who allegedly believed Carlwell was
dead, left the accident scene and drove the damaged car, with the
unconscious Carlwell in it, back to his apartment in the nearby
town of Savoy.

At his court appearance, Smith apologized for his actions.

"What I did not only put myself in harm's way, but I also put a
teammate and anyone else that was on the road that night in
danger," he said.

Illinois basketball coach Bruce Weber said Thursday afternoon he
had just learned of Smith's plea and would have no comment.