UNC player made desperate 911 call during apparent robbery

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- A 911 dispatcher could barely hear a
North Carolina football player as he quietly but desperately called
for help during an apparent robbery last weekend, according to a
recording released Friday by police.

Prosecutors are still investigating the incident, but have said
it included the sexual assault of at least two players. There is no
audible mention of any sexual assault on the 911 call. None of the
players were injured.

The caller's voice is barely audible throughout the
80-second-long phone call, made at 3:25 a.m. Sunday morning. The
dispatcher immediately asked him to speak up to explain what's

"We're getting [expletive] robbed -- that's what the [expletive]
is going on," the caller said. "Please [expletive] hurry."

The 911 dispatcher then asked the caller if someone is breaking
into his apartment.

"He's already in the [expletive] apartment," the caller said,
still in a whisper.

Authorities have charged Monique Jenice Taylor, 28, of
Greenville, Tnika Monta Washington, 29, and Michael Troy Lewis, 32,
both of Durham, in connection with the assault.

They all face three counts of kidnapping, three counts of
conspiracy to commit a felony and one count of resisting arrest.
Taylor and Washington also are charged with one count of
first-degree sexual offense. Lewis is charged with robbery,
possession of stolen goods and assault on government officials.

Defense attorneys did not return messages seeking comment

Assistant Orange County prosecutor Morgan Whitney said Friday he
is still working from a preliminary police report and hadn't yet
heard the 911 call. He said he expects to learn more before a
probable cause hearing scheduled for Jan. 3.

Citing the report, Whitney said the sexual contact began as
consensual with one of the players, but the tone changed when two
of the players were tied up. Chapel Hill police said they were
bound with tape.

"At the point the tying up started, and the victims weren't let
go, the police report reads that at least one of the victims wanted
it to stop," Whitney said.

Authorities found two of the men wearing boxer shorts, according
to the report. They told police they had been fondled against their
will and that Lewis had put a knife to the neck of one player.

Whitney could not say who made the phone call. But he said the
police report does not definitively state that the players were
still bound at the time authorities arrived at the apartment.
Police arrested Taylor and Washington at the scene. Lewis
surrendered Wednesday after initially fleeing during a
confrontation with police.