Kansas has plan for Josh Selby's return

Kansas coach Bill Self said he expects a smooth transition for guard Josh Selby into the Jayhawks' lineup when he returns from an NCAA-mandated nine-game absence on Dec. 18.

Self said Sunday by phone that Selby hadn't practiced the last 10 days because his 45-day window to practice during an appeal had recently run out.

But now that a decision has been reached, he can rejoin the team on the practice court.

"We haven't had someone of this impact join our team midstream before,'' Self said. "Brandon Rush had torn his ACL but he was already with us. What Josh can do for us is like Sherron Collins, he can get his own shot and turn bad offense into good. He's one of those guys who can get his own shot.''

Selby, who is considered one of the top guards in the recruiting class of 2010, was held out because of his family's relationship with Robert Frazier, the business manager for Denver Nuggets' star Carmelo Anthony. The family claimed they had known each other since grade school. Yet, as Self said, impermissible benefits are a "black and white issue. If they are over $1,000 you're going to have to deal with it.''

The NCAA initially ruled Selby would have to pay a fine of $5,757.58. But Kansas said the true amount was $4,607.58. Self said the discrepancy is because Selby had already repaid some of the disputed funds.

Self said Kansas will take the money out of Selby's scholarship check each month and then donate the money to a charity of his choice.

Self said that Tyshawn Taylor, Elijah Johnson and Brady Morningstar will continue to handle the lead guard responsibilities for Kansas (No. 6 ESPN/USA Today, No. 7 AP) in Selby's absence. He said that the Kansas offense has always been predicated on whoever has the ball bringing it up the floor so it won't matter who has the ball.

In the meantime, Self said, an assistant coach will work with Selby in practice to make sure he's on the same page as everyone else.

Self said Morningstar and Tyrel Reed, the players who will likely see his minutes affected by Selby's return, haven't expressed any concerns.

"There are no issues,'' Self said. "They've all seen him play. He's been here.''

Selby will miss four games of a tough six-game stretch for the Jayhawks -- games against Arizona, UCLA, Memphis and Colorado State. Selby's first game will be Dec. 18 against USC.

But Self said the play of late of the Morris twins -- Marcus and Markieff -- averaging a combined 33 points a game, has certainly helped jump start the Jayhawks.

"We've been good so far,'' Self said of the Jayhawks. "But this team can get a lot better.''

Andy Katz is a senior college baketball writer for ESPN.com.