Luke Sanders

Luke Sanders, 6-4, 228, 4.48, West Monroe, LA

I have to be honest with you, I had no idea Sanders was as good as he is until I actually got to West Monroe and watched him on film.

On Film-The tape showed a difference maker with the ability to read plays, run down fast running backs from behind, go sideline to sideline to make tackles and hit like a ton of bricks. It's his a combination of size, speed and strength that's scary. On the film I saw #38 was playing OLB and completely dominating the opposition's running and passing game. If there's a better defensive player in the state, I haven't seen him and in my opinion he's got to rank among the top five or six linebackers in the country. A sensational open field tackler, he also uses his quick hands to play off blocks and his enormous strength to send blockers reeling backwards. To top everyone off, most of the film I saw was Luke as a sophomore since he tore his ACL in the second game of the 2002 season. He gets his super strength from his dad who is the strength coach at West Monroe.

Stats-In that game in a half he had totaled 20 tackles and 2 picks. As a sophomore he totaled 100 tackles and 3 interceptions. I expect big things from Luke this year and for him to become one of the elite players in the country. Benches 390 and has a 33" VJ.

Grades-His GPA is 3.7 and he scored a 24 on the ACT.

Favorite Schools-It looks to me that LSU and TX A&M lead with the Tigers having a slight lead. He's also looking at AUBURN, CO, OK, TX and OLE MISS. He would love to hear more from TX and MI. A prep superstar.