A B1G week for the Buckeyes

Big Ten's results in Week 3 nonconference games will play key role in BCS

Updated: September 11, 2013, 8:44 AM ET
By Brad Edwards | ESPN Insider

While most of the nation will be focused on the Alabama-Texas A&M matchup this Saturday, there's a less-hyped storyline that also could have a major impact on the BCS championship race.

This is an incredibly important weekend for the Big Ten as it tries to re-establish its reputation as an elite football conference -- a reputation that has taken a beating in recent years due to out-of-conference failures. The Ohio State Buckeyes might not be among the Big Ten teams expected to be challenged Saturday, but they should have a major rooting interest, because this one day could determine how the Buckeyes' schedule is perceived by both voters and the BCS computers.