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AP Photo/Bill Haber

9. Pony Fakeout

Lance McIlhenny, not fabled RBs, seals Cotton Bowl win

Jan. 1, 1983: It was the Pony Express of SMU versus the passing express of Dan Marino and Pitt in the 1983 Cotton Bowl. But there was little in the way of the expected offensive fireworks. In fact, it was SMU quarterback Lance McIlhenny who stole the show. With the ball at the Pitt 9-yard line early in the fourth quarter, McIlhenny faked up the middle to Eric Dickerson. One more fake to Craig James and it was McIlhenny scoring a 9-yard touchdown on the option to give SMU a 7-3 lead with 13:43 to play. It was the winning score, and SMU finished the season ranked No. 2 in the nation.

-- Andrea Adelson