CGD Eco Challenge

Eco Challenge

Easy Streets: At LSU, we are committed to reducing congestion and emissions from vehicles on campus and encouraging alternative forms of transportation. The Easy Streets project restricts vehicle use within the core of campus through the implementation of gates and booths. It also utilizes traffic calming techniques, designated bike lanes and parking spaces, and pedestrian corridors. Traffic counts show a 62% reduction in campus traffic.
Student Government hosts an annual bike auction, at which abandoned bikes that were collected over the summer by the Office of Parking, Traffic and Transportation are auctioned off to the highest bidder. Money collected is used to support the campus Bike Rack Master Plan, which was developed to meet the growing need of campus bicyclists. More than 1,200 new bike parking spaces have been installed in the past 3 years. Approximately 73% of our students now commute to campus using alternative forms of transportation, such as bicycles, buses, carpooling or walking.