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Courtesy of Clemson Athletics

The 16 Commandments

There are the 10 commandments, and then there is Dabo's Law -- the 16 Team Commandments.

This sign in Clemson's auditorium serves as a reminder and an inspiration, a lengthy list of what coach Dabo Swinney expects every day. At the top of the list, of course, is going to class. No. 8 is toughness -- something that was questioned repeatedly under former coach Tommy Bowden.

You've got to get to No. 16 before you can "have fun," and it's Swinney's style to demand his players are No. 15, "all-in."

Center Dalton Freeman is unaware of any particular punishment for disobeying any of these commandments, but the senior has been around long enough to know not to try to find out.
-- Heather Dinich