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Poster Coach: Pop Warner

Pop Warner compiled 319 victories with the double-wing as an engine. The offense featured an unbalanced line for power blocking, two backs behind the center and one or two backs lined up just outside the ends (hence, "wings"). What followed after the snap would be an elaborate array of fakes, 360-degree spins and handoffs that kept the defense mystified.

The offense is awakening from a long nap, although Keith Piper of Division III Denison College in Ohio used it well into the 1990s. Defenses solved the double-wing by having their ends move inside and simply learning to ignore all the fakes. But "solved" may be a stretch. The "Wild Hog" offense at Arkansas, when tailback Darren McFadden took snaps from center, and the subsequent imitators, are direct descendants of the single-wing.