NCAA expected to clear Andrews

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- Arkansas has prepared its report to
the NCAA on Shawn Andrews, who unknowingly committed a secondary
infraction, and the school is waiting for the All-American
offensive tackle to make restitution.

Derrick Gragg, Arkansas' senior associate athletic director and
the university's compliance coordinator, has the report ready to
send to the NCAA, said school spokesman Kevin Trainor.

Andrews was among 24 top college football players who accepted a
few knickknacks from a Florida nutritional supplement company last
spring at the Playboy All-American awards and photo weekend in

The NCAA notified 21 schools whose players attended the event
that their players might have accepted unapproved gifts.

When Andrews pays for a T-shirt valued at $10, the paperwork
will be complete and it will be sent to the NCAA. The NCAA is
expected to clear Andrews, as it has others.

Trainor said the NCAA shouldn't take very long to clear Andrews
and he should be eligible for the Sept. 6 season opener against
Tulsa in Fayetteville.

Andrews said he took a water bottle and T-shirt from a gift bag
provided by the company. He later returned the water bottle, which
was valued at 50 cents.

NCAA rules allow athletes to receive up to $300 worth of goods
on such awards trips. Playboy arranged for less than $100 in gifts
to go to each All-American player, but one of the event sponsors,
MetRx of Boca Raton, Fla., also delivered its own gift bag to the

MetRx delivered gift bags to players' hotel rooms without
permission, according to Playboy sports editor Gary Cole.