Users respond to ESPN.com's Bottom 10

The Bottom 10 is feeling a lot of love from the great state of Nebraska this week. We would just like to say thanks for all kind words. What many Cornhuskers must not know, the highly-coveted No. 5 spot is a prestigious position. In case you missed it, here's a list of teams that have spent a week at No. 5: Clemson, Auburn, Wisconsin, Kansas State, Notre Dame, Colorado, Washington, BYU and Virginia Tech. Not bad company, huh?

Here's what you had to say about the Week 10 rankings:

Twist and Shout - Lincoln style
Nebraska should be No. 1 for letting Texas regain some of their dignity.


I used to have alot of respect for this poll, right up until you put Nebraska in the #5 spot this week. I could handle the fact that they repeatedly made the list last year, but you've gone way too far. Couldn't it just be the fact that Texas decided to show up last week and play a complete game. No, you have to rag on a team that has done a complete turn around from last year and who most other college program would love to be.

How about picking on someone who won't win the big 12 north?

Maybe you should think a little bit harder before putting this poll out each week.

Dallas, Texas

I don't know how the folks here in Husker Land are going to react their new ranking, but I think it fits. The Huskers were ranked to high in the polls, especially looking at their defensive performances on the road this season. Nice to see them get a ranking they deserve after getting voted so high in the polls on history and beating the Troy States of the NCAA.

Bellevue, Neb.

You have a 7-2 Nebraska team in the Bottom 10? Give me a break. Most other states would love to have a 7-2 team. How about a "great" Miami team losing to VT with the same score NU lost to Texas.

Matt Mundorf
Kearney, Neb.

To put Nebraska in the bottom 10 is another example why sports writers, et.al. have zero credibility. Your reason for doing so is even more pathetic. And you guys wonder why athletes and coaches belittle you.

D Craig
Spring, Texas

Ask not what you can do ...
Coach Mike Stoops, you have orders to report to Michie Stadium at West Point ASAP. Your packing list includes: A defense, running game, and a semblance of respectability. Ask not what the Sooners can do for you, but what you can do for the Black Knights; Your nation needs you. POST!

Justin and Matt
Ft. Stewart, Ga.

As a West Point alum, even I have to concede to Army's deserved place in the Bottom 10. However, expect improved results in the near future. Army will see positive results in going back to Independent status as it can return to playing more regional and/or traditional rivals like Rutgers, Syracuse, VMI, The Citadel, BC, etc. Army also needs to return to its more traditional wishbone roots. The West Coast offense requires talent in the skill positions that Army isn't able to recruit.

Pete Bertanzetti
Charlotte, NC

Forget Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside, this team needs a Mr. Anywhere. The Black Knights have rushed for over a hundred yards only once this season, and this from a school that consistently ranked in the top three in the nation in rushing during the 90's. Army simply lacks the speed and athleticism to play the spread offense. Get us a name coach who can recruit or go back to the option. In fact, lets do both, at least that formula used to be good for four or five wins a season.

Savannah, Ga.

Bring some joy to the guys at Navy and give the top spot to Army.

John Braswell
Annapolis, Md.

Mascot envy
Well looking at the Mustangs we look pretty freaking awesome going into the last three games of our schedule (if it is opposite day). La Tech fans you are in for a show this week in Ruston when our mid-season all-american, or chump if you wanna be a lil more accurate pays you a visit. No Rashun Woods sightings in the state of Louisiana lately, but our Mustang cornerbacks, Jonas Rutledge in particular may just make some of your receivers look like Heisman candidates. So watch out for those Mustangs this weekend, cause I think I hear a stampede coming your way La Tech, but that could just be the few hundred pony faithfuls left crying that you hear, as our Mustangs move ever closer to "THE PERFECT SEASON"!!!

Matt Bragman
Dallas, Texas

I am so happy SMU is moving to Conference USA. Now the Mustangs can play on Wednesday and Thursday nights, and the whole nation can see how bad they really are.

John Grubbs
Dallas, Texas

SMU has arrived! I believe a parallel exists between our team and our mascot that may be the best way to describe the lackluster performance on the Hilltop this fall. Our players, much like our mascot, look one-fifth the size they should be. We have Peruna and Ponies, exactly the opposite of a thoroughbred mustang and Division-1A football players. A carnival animal that gets attention from being rented for children's birthday parties and games that make SportsCenter because opponents break NCAA records against us (giving up seven touchdowns to one player in a game). As much as it pains me to say this, it's time to let Peruna run wild in the free and put football program to rest; the powder puff teams desperately need water boys. Go Ponies!!!

Dallas, Texas

We are .... Penn State
How is Penn State not in the Bottom 10?! Having them just on the waiting list isn't right. Yea, they've got 2 wins but they're off to there worse start since 1938!! That's before Joe Paterno!

Tallahassee, Fla.

WE ARE...Penn State

WE BELONG...on the list

Ryan Curtis
State College, Pa.

It is a little unfair to have Penn State on the waiting list for the bottom Ten. Good ole PSU has been competitive in every game, and in a few (WI, MN, OSU) a call or a bounce here or there would have been victory. While this team is young and defintely not a contender, it is talented and would easily be a .500 or better in mosyt other conferences. To state that they are in the same league as UL Pick-em, Indiana and Buffalo is unfair and inacurate. Shame, Shame on you!

Henry M. Kohnlein, Esq.
Denver, Colo.

We are .... ND
I noticed Notre Dame has finally made it onto the Waiting List. Is there anything short of a win vs. Navy that will keep them out of next week's Bottom Ten? (I can't believe you have waited this long to include them in the rankings or waiting list - they have been horrible this year. And don't try to tell me about the win vs. Pitt -- just be thankful that the Irish didn't schedule Toledo.)

Irish Lullaby
Chicago, Ill.

You have Notre Dame on your waiting list, and I think that is horrible. Although They can't buy a win, their losses have all come to Top 25 opponents. For as much as we know, they could be No. 26. No one has a tougher schedule than the Irish.

Caleb Ellington
Ft. Wayne, Ind.

Pillow talk
I'm thrilled that IU-UI U-Pick-'Em is having its pillow fight at last! The Big Ten might not have a No. 1 team in the AP or Coaches' Poll, but now we have an opportunity to go for the best!

Oscar Lanzi III
Chicago, Ill.

I think IU and Illinois should be 1 and 2. We both usually give up 35 or more points a game, and we both only score when the opposing team puts in their 2nd string. This game is on ESPN regional ya know. Is the first ever televised pillow fight?

Bloomington, Ind.

UI vs. IU, there had better be a Big Ten school in the top four next week. Look out for the pillows!

Jim Rasmussen
Gainesville, Fla.

And the nominees are ...
I'm surprised that the woefully pitiful Tar Heels didn't make the list yet again. I was most certain their performance last Saturday at Maryland would be worthy of (dis)honor. There is no way a certain team who had 38 points scored on them IN ONE QUARTER could conceivably miss being put up for consideration. No doubt those crybaby Carolina fans want basketball season to start, say right now.

Durham, NC

How can you continuously keep denying my Heels. As a student I am outraged that a team giving up over 500 yds and 39 points a game can't make the bottom 10. The good thing is that all things are back to 'normal' here for early November ... women's soccer is No. 1 in the nation and the pre-season basketball hype has made it basketball season since september. Oh yeah ... don't forget the 10 consecutive home losses, haven't won a home game since my sophomore year and now I'm a senior.

Chapel Hill, NC

WOW thank god you put Miami's composure on the waiting list. They played like spoiled brats. So what you got beat it happens to all of us, get over it. I think it says more about the miami program in how they lost then in how they won. Hope being mentioned in the bottom ten will slap some sense into those cry babies.

Sean Hartman
Los Angeles, Calif.

Throw in UGA. Can't beat Florida more than once in 15 years. And they are widely regarded as a top caliber football program. That is deplorable.

Joey Campbell
Los Angeles, Calif.

Oh please please pretty please ... All us Aggies, Utes, Wildcats, and any other local college students get our hopes up for seeing BYU in this poll each week. The No. 5 spot a few weeks ago was cute, but now the Cougars really deserve the Bottom 10. Those Provo-boys have snubbed their nose at the rest of us for decades, can't you help?

Scott Bosworth
Logan, Utah

Ohio State, despite its gaudy No. 6 ranking, deserves the No. 5 spot. Only a horrible non-call by an official saved them from defeat against the Cowardly Lions of Penn State. There has never been such a vastly overrated top 10 team in the history of football. I would have thought their 107th ranked offense would have drawn your ire by now ...

Nick Slater
St. Paul, Minn.

How about the ducks? Uniforms are still gross, and man did the huskies whip'em good. They should be on the waiting list!

Gary Ellingson
Portland, Ore.

How could you leave Colorado State out of the coveted No. 5 spot after they lost to the Cowboy Joe Wyoming team and their ugly uniforms?

Pat Hooley
Montrose, Colo.