Wheeler stretchered off against Ohio St.

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Michigan State offensive tackle Stefon
Wheeler was regaining feeling after hitting his head in the third
quarter of the Spartans' 33-23 loss at Ohio State on Saturday.

Wheeler, a 6-foot-5, 319-pound sophomore from Passaic, N.J., hit
his head on a player or the ground as Spartans quarterback Jeff
Smoker kept on a third-and-short situation.

After several minutes laying motionless face down on the field,
Wheeler was taken off the field by gurney.

His parents were at his side as he was strapped to a back board
and his neck and head were immobilized.

Michigan State team doctor Randy Pearson said Wheeler would
spend the night at The Ohio State University Medical Center.

"Stefon had tingling in his toes when he left the field,"
Pearson said. "By the time he got to the hospital, he had tingling
in his fingers and his feet. He is in stable condition."

Wheeler went through tests which did not reveal any broken bones
in his neck or back.

Michigan State coach John L. Smith said he was shaken by the
sight of his big lineman on the turf at Ohio Stadium.

"Anytime you see a guy that still, it's very scary," Smith
said. "But when I was on the field, I saw both of his feet move
and I felt a lot better."

Video replays appeared to show Wheeler's head go down as he dive
in to block Ohio State defensive lineman Tim Anderson.