Users respond to ESPN.com's Bottom 10

Once again, the The Bottom 10 thanks the many kind folks who shared their opinions on the Bottom 10. A special thanks to all the Nebraska fans who REALLY seemed to like the rankings and the Bottom 10 Guy. The Cornhusker fans must not have realized how coveted the No. 5 spot is.

Here's what you had to say about the the Oct. 11 rankings:

Rappin' Rodney
I thought the bottom 10 Rodney Dangerfield tribute was very creative. At least now Rodney knows we have did have his respect. R.I.P Rodney

Paul (San Diego)

Fitting in a Dangerfield themed column Vanderbilt is listed as an also ran. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory don't get the respect it used to.

Tony (Murfreesboro, TN)

I look forward to this every week, but, then again, I am a Purdue alumni.... Long live Rodney's memory - great tribute I think! Can't wait for the Michigan Directional Bowl Pillow Fight!!

Matt (Tulsa)

Go Big Red!
And someone said I was "just pranoid" when I told them about the media bias agianst Nebrska, especially at ESPN. What was I thinking?

Steve Vastine

Please. Were you poor, bottom 10 think-tanks not getting enough attention? Take all your pot-shots now, cause it won't last!!!! Let's save the bottom 10 for what it really is, huh guy's??

Shawn (Lincoln)

I don't see how you can include Nebraska in the Bottom 10. They are the only one of the 20 or so teams you mention that have more than one win (they have 3). Admit it, this was a stretch and a yank on the Huskers' chain.

Mark Benson

I bet you have been waiting all your life to add the Big Red to your list. Must think you are something special to kick someone when they are down. Whatever sells - right? Especially, college kids doing the best they can. Must be a lot of fun being you. GBR

Stuart Fuhs - Early, IA

I understand this is supposed to be humorous, but putting Nebraska on the "Bottom 10" list is beyond a joke. While the team is obviously struggling to adapt to the new offense are we supposed to believe that they are in the same league as Temple (which I didn't even know had a program) and Western Michigan. I understand that when a college football powerhouse has struggles the media loves to jump on the band wagon and ride them to the ground, but including Nebraska with your "Bottom 10" is ridiculous.

Josh (Tampa)

Nebraska never thought it could happen to them.....They delighted in running up the score on people during the 70s,80s & 90s. Now they know how other teams felt all of those years. Paybacks are hell!

John (Las Vegas)

Do unto others! Good to see Nebraska be on the receiving end of an Ass Kicking! I so enjoyed that game. I might even become a Texas Tech Fan! I wish UNM would hire someone from Mike Leaches staff before the Lobo offense causes them to be on this dreaded list!

Wes (Albuquerque)

And the nominees are ...
What happened to Fresno State and that coveted #5 spot? No disrespect to Nebraska, but come on. After a #17 national ranking and a "BCS buster" tag, the Cowdogs have lost 2 straight, including their latest setback, losing to UTEP, a Bottom 10 staple

Jason (Annapolis)

Barring an unforeseen win by Tulane, they are by far the class of the bottom ten this year. That is clear because they will be the only division 1-A win on the schedule of the 2nd worse team this year, Mississippi State.

Clay - Jackson, MS

Hey!!! Don't forget the mighty Bears of Baylor. They play Nebraska to see who really stinks in the Big XII. The North division has yet to beat a South Division Team.


I'm a little bit confused about why Arizona is only now threatening to join the Bottom 10. Perhaps it's only losing to Wisconsin by 2, or maybe it's Washington holding the honor of worst PAC-10 squad. The scary part of it is, they still have all the ranked teams left on their schedule. Don't be surprised if they run the table in the Pac-10... backwards.

Zach (Tempe, AZ)

What about K-State? The Wild kittens have put up some impressive numbers this season. Oh wait a minute....after a closer look it appears that only a single Wild Kitten has put up any numbers at all. I nominate this pitiful team to the Bottom 10. And may Bill Snyder forever serve as its king.

Steve (Lincoln)

I'm pretty sure that Kent is more deserving than #8. I mean seriously 1 win and that only coming against I-AA Liberty. Nebraska deserved their ranking after that whooping.

gnomer (Kent, OH)

When I did my weekly bottom 10 check I was fighting with myself over how low Vanderbilt would be. HOW are the mighty Commodores NOT one of the 10 worst teams in America? Only Vandy can kill their momentum of an SEC win (even though it was Miss. State) with a 27 point letdown in the final 20 minutes at home against Rutgers. I move them from the "waiting list" to bottom 5.

Drake (Nashville)

I want to nominate Ohio State's offense for the bottom 10. Can't deny it. Horrible, painful to watch.

Ben (Columbus)

WHAT?? How could the Huskies drop off the list? Their "big win" over San Jose State by a score of 21-6 hardly convinces anyone that they've turned the program around. The ghost of Ricky still hangs over Husky stadium like a cloak of Lake Washington fog. It's going to take more than one win over a Pop Warner team to dredge them up from the bottom of Puget Sound.

Bill (Spokane)

As an Army fan, I must admit that the only sense of accomplishment I've had over the past few years was our team's ability to be on top of the "Bottom 10". But as I watched the cadets pull those goal posts down at Michie Stadium, I rejoiced at the thought that Army ruined their chances at yet another "Bottom 10" championship. Go Black Knights!

Derek (Philadelphia)

I go to UC, love Cincinnati, but that loss to Army makes us #1 on the bottom ten. I mean come on.. you lose to the team with the nations longest losing streak and you deserve to be the worst of the worst.

Brian (Cincinnati)

Keep a seat warm in the Bottom 10 for Ron Zook's not so mighty gators. The worst coach in the history of College football has our once mighty program headed there.

David Carrera

Being a proud Wyoming fan it is great to see neither our team nor our uniforms on the Bottom 10. It is also great to see our Border War rivals Colorado State on the waiting list!! Go Pokes!!

Tyson Archie (Cheyenne, WY)