Darrell Royal, Joe Jamail to be honored

AUSTIN -- The University of Texas plans to honor former football coach Darrell Royal and attorney and donor Joe Jamail by placing statues of them in its football stadium.

The 8-foot-tall bronze statues will be placed at the southeast
corner of Royal-Memorial Stadium overlooking the football field,
said Patricia Ohlendorf, the university's vice president for
institutional relations and legal affairs.

The school plans to have the statues in place in time for the
day after Thanksgiving matchup between the Longhorns and Texas A&M University.

The statue of Jamail, a UT graduate and one of the school's
largest benefactors, will be a second casting of one that stands in
the law school. The Houston-based law firm Vinson & Elkins is
paying for the new sculpture.

The statue of Royal, who coached the Longhorns to three national championships in 20 years, will be a gift from Jamail. It will
depict him walking the sidelines in his younger days.

"Joe wanted to pay for Darrell's because of their long
friendship and deep affection," Harry Reasoner, a partner with
Vinson & Elkins, said in Friday's online edition of the Austin

The statues' placement has troubled some members of the
university committee who say they were upset that such a high honor
would be bestowed without wider discussion and debate. Other
critics said it would be inappropriate to have two statues of
Jamail on campus.