Users respond to ESPN.com's Bottom 10

Once again, the The Bottom 10 thanks the many kind folks who shared their opinions on the Bottom 10. This week's special thanks goes to all the Ohio State fans who REALLY seemed to like the rankings and the Bottom 10 Guy. Last week we found out that the Cornhusker fans didn't realize how coveted the No. 5 spot is. Although we found that some of the Buckeye faithful agreed with their No. 5 ranking this week, they were outnumbered by the Buckeye fans with the opposite opinion.

Here's what you had to say about the the Oct. 18 rankings:

O-Town's favorite son
My beloved Buckeyes do deserve the coveted number 5. I am, ashamed.

Bubba (New Orleans)

I'm a huge Buckeyes fan, but can you bump their sorry butts up to #1. They've been playing like the worst team in the country. Maybe being in the Bottom 10 will motivate them.

Nate (Orrville)

It's rather scary, but we Buckeye faithful are worried about homecoming this year -- against Indiana. Big 10 pillow fight!

Matt (Columbus)

Last week, Cornhusker fans took whining to a whole new level. This week, I expect we'll hear from a few Buckeye fans. I've been a Buckeye fan for 35 years and believe the 5 spot suits them quite nicely. Oh, to have Woody Hayes and his "3 yards and a cloud of dust" again. Today's buckeyes take 3 full possessions to get 3 yards.

dave (fairfax, va)

You MUST be out of your minds! How can you possibly put Ohio State in the bottom ten?? Every other team in the list has won one or none. Hey....they may not be in the top 25, but they sure as heck are not one of the 10 worst teams in the nation. Still a top program in the nation......show some respect.

steve, charlotte

How can OSU possibly be put on the bottom ten list? Although they have lost their lost three game the would tear up every team on this list by 20+ points! It's amazing the amount of disrespect OSU gets from a down year, more than any other school in the nation!

Brett, Plymouth, OH

Buckeyes at no. 5!!!! Despite 3 losses in the conference, these are still a Big Ten powerhouse and they deserve at least SOME respect! It's not even remotely fair to group them alongside the likes of UCF! Get with the program, Ohio State is not "Bottom 10" material!!!!!

Tajana (Orlando)

Putting OSU on the bottom ten is ludicrous. Keep your ridiculously juvenile "Bottom Ten" poll to the teams that perennially play the roll of Division I doormats (ie SMU, Louisiana Monroe, Central Michigan, etc.) instead of using it as a platform to kick a proud program while they're down. Last time I checked, the Central Florida's and Temple's of the world weren't recovering from the loss of 14 players to the NFL. Every Buckeye fan is well aware of the egregious play-calling, anemic offense, and overall ineptitude of their team, but to liken the Bucks to these sad programs is downright offensive.

Austin (Boston)

Hoop dreams
Thank God...UK finally makes the Bottom 10. Hopefully they will stay there all season so as not to distract the Big Blue faithful from Basketball. And UK makes its debut the same week the Bucks take the coveted #5 slot. I must be living right. Thanks!

Chad Cottle (Lexington, KY)

Thank you bottom 10 for finally rewarding the football follies that are Kentucky football. We have given away more turnovers this year than the local bakery. I would like to request the UK-Missippi State game next week be chosen as the Pillow Fight of the week. Or you could go ahead and do it now as we play Auburn and MSU plays Florida this week. Thank goodness basketball season is only a month away......

Bug (Lexington)

It's about time the Wildcats were put in the Bottom 10. Not only this year but many times in the past few years, this team has managed to find more ways to lose a game than to win it. The curse of the Bambino doesn't even compare to the curse of the Bear (Bryant).

Rob (Lexington, KY)

MAC gets (Sun) Belted
Wow, not only did my boys, the Vandals, make it off the bottom ten, but there's not a single Sun Belt team on the list. This is a historic occasion for the Belt. Worst 1-A conference no more. Take that MAC!

Ed (Moscow, ID)

Are you kidding me? No Sun Belt teams in the top 10 or on the waiting list. As a diehard Arkansas State fan (I'm a glutton for punishment), I must quote the words of the great philosopher of my time - Butthead. "This is the greatest thing (pause) I have ever seen. Heh-heh. Heh-heh."

Corey (Euless, Texas)

I think this is the first time that a Sun Belt team hasn't been on the list. As a University of Idaho student this is a huge surprise. But I guess that they are playing each other to get wins.

Brandon Jones (Post Falls, ID)

The Sun Belt conference isn't represented in this week's Bottom 10, apparently for the first time since the conference's formation. Looks like the MAC is doing most of the heavy lifting, but there's 2 reps from the SEC and one recent defending national champion. Nice!


And the nominees are ...
Why doesn't the Bottom 10 host "gameday" for Central Michigan vs. Western Michigan? "Directional Michigan" Title at stake!

Charlie (Paw Paw, MI)

I think with everything going on Ron Zook deserves a spot on the bottom 10. I love you guys putting ohio state on the list but why not throw LSU on the list as well, they can share a spot, two biggest busts of the year. Not to mention every one of the ESPN guys that voted overrated VA in the top 10. They stink!!!!!

chuck (VA)

Even though I'm a huge fan of Penn State, how could they not make this list? Something's rotten (again) this year at UNhappy Valley...oh, that would be their record.

Bob, Carmel, IN

Having UB(low) absent from this list is like leaving Keanu Reeves off of a Bottom 10 actors list. Just wrong. It's too bad Buffalo does not have a Major League baseball team so Arizona and Tampa Bay could have someone to beat up on too.

Wolf B (NY)

As a proud alumnus of Western Michigan University, I was hoping you could elevate WMU to #1 in the "Bottom 10" poll. Anything to get coach Gary Darnell fired would be a welcome sight. Riddle me this: How can a coach who has coached his team to a worse record each year of his tenure last seven years? It truly baffles the mind. Living in Minneapolis and being a Bronco fan entitles me to root for the two worst coaches in college football: Glen Mason and Gary Darnell. Pity me, I don't get much joy on Saturdays! Let the "Fire Darnell" chants begin. Go Broncos!

Dan, Minneapolis

Illinois has to be placed on the Bottom 10! list. With perhaps the worst defense out of all the major schools in the country and a 12 game Big Ten losing streak we are absolutely terrible. Not to mention that our best offensive player is stuck playing defense at cornerback. The Ron Turner 2004 farewell tour is in full swing in Champaign.

Rick Nowak (Champaign)

As a Washington Husky fan of 25 years, I'm deeply offended that they've been left out of your poll this week -- how about some credit where it's due? Seven turnovers against the Beavers, 742 rushing yards for UCLA, losing at home to everyone except San Jose St. -- we may not be no. 1, but we should be in the top 10 for sure!

Don Miner