Kansas coach avoids one-game suspension

LAWRENCE, Kan. -- Kansas football coach Mark Mangino was
publicly reprimanded and ordered to pay $5,000 for suggesting that
officials deliberately tried to influence the outcome of his team's
game against Texas.

"Coach Mangino's public statements called into question the
integrity of the conference and its officials," Big 12
commissioner Kevin Weiberg said in a statement. "To insinuate that
games are called unfairly so that one member institution can
prevail over another is irresponsible and completely baseless."

After Kansas fell 27-23 to Texas in the final seconds of
Saturday's game, Mangino implied it would work out better for the
BCS if the Longhorns won.

The coach, who later backed off his comment, took issue with a
pass interference call against Charles Gordon that forced the
Jayhawks to punt with two minutes left. Texas got the ball back and
drove for the winning score, saving its chances for a BCS bowl bid
and a potential $12 million to $14 million windfall for the

"BCS that's right," Mangino said after the game. "That's what
made the difference today in the game. That's what made the
difference on the call in front of their bench. Dollar signs."

The conference prohibits coaches from criticizing officials.
Because the Big 12 handbook governing the league's principles and
standards of sportsmanship call for a one-game suspension for a
"flagrant" violation, there was a possibility that Mangino would
miss the regular-season finale against Missouri.

Mangino avoided that penalty.

"I accept it and the matter is closed," Mangino said after
Wednesday's practice. "I'm looking forward to playing Missouri."