School never put raise in coach's contract

BOULDER, Colo. -- University of Colorado officials say the school has been paying football coach Gary Barnett an extra $60,000 a year since 2002 without a written change to his contract.

The extra money, for running a summer youth football camp, was on top of $140,000 a year his contract calls for him to be paid for the camp.

University spokeswoman Pauline Hale said this week that chancellor Richard Byyny was aware of the raise but that the change was never put in writing. She did not elaborate.

CU lawyers said they couldn't find any written agreement authorizing the increase.

A 2002 memo to the university regents mentions the $200,000 total in a footnote but does not say that it includes the $60,000 increase.

The summer camp pay is in addition to the nearly $1 million a year Barnett gets in public and private money to coach.

State and university rules require all payments to be approved and put in writing.

The undocumented raise was the latest in a string of revelations about funding for athletics at CU.

University officials said this week a booster club called the Dear Old CU Fund may have violated NCAA rules when it paid at least $1,000 to each of 15 assistant coaches and athletic department staff members six years ago.

Earlier, the university said the Dear Old CU Fund may have broken NCAA rules by donating equipment to the athletic department without an audit under university auspices.

State treasurer Mike Coffman said the latest report raises more questions about the university's fiscal controls.

"This is well beyond lax oversight; it's pure fiscal irresponsibility," Coffman said.