Buffs AD says Barnett contract 'not on front burner'

DENVER -- With about two years left in his contract,
Colorado football coach Gary Barnett said he would like to begin
talking to officials about an extension so he can provide some
assurance of stability to recruits and staff, but his boss isn't
ready yet.

Athletic director Mike Bohn told the Rocky Mountain News on
Tuesday that he has no timetable for discussing contractual matters
and will continue to support Barnett and his staff as he focuses on
other issues.

"I would hate [for anyone] to construe that as we're just
blowing it off," Bohn said. "It's just not on the front burner."

Barnett said interim athletic director Jack Lengyel, whom Bohn
replaced last month, had said any contract talks would wait until
after an audit of Barnett's football-camp finances is complete.

Camp finances have been audited twice already, once on Barnett's
direction and the other by CU. The state auditor's office is
looking into camp revenue of about $780,000.

"I know there was nothing done illegally or immorally; that I
know," Barnett said. "I know there are no [NCAA] rules
violations, none of that."

Bohn said high-priority tasks include improving the athletic
department's finances through ticket sales and donations. The
department has raised $1.1 million so far, and wants to raise $3.7
million by September.

Barnett, CU's coach since 1999, last received a contract
extension in 2002. His total compensation is about $1.6 million a
year and includes a $2 million payoff -- rather than performance
incentives -- if he remains at CU through the contract term.