Dad, teammates say health most important thing

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Wyatt Sexton's dad -- who is also the assistant head coach and running backs coach at Florida State -- and teammates are focused on the quarterback's health, not his playing status.

"Wyatt is under the care of physicians for a medical problem, and at this time he will remain under their care. His doctors have informed us that drug abuse is not the problem," Billy Sexton said in a statement released Thursday morning.

"At this point, our focus as a family is to ensure that our son, whom we love and support in every regard, gets the care that he needs until he makes a full and complete recovery," continued Billy Sexton, who's in his 28th season at FSU.

"The outpouring of love and support from so many people for Wyatt and our family has been overwhelming and a source of great comfort to all of us. We request, however, that the media understand and respect the privacy that we seek for Wyatt and that he needs at this time."

Wyatt Sexton's Florida State teammates
say the quarterback's health should be addressed before his status
on the team.

The favorite to start for the Seminoles next season, Sexton was
taken to the hospital by police Monday after he was found acting
strangely in the middle of a street and telling officers that he
was "God."

A police report said Sexton appeared to be "under the influence
of some unknown narcotic or alcohol," but that hasn't been

The school didn't release any new information Wednesday about
Sexton. He had been suspended two weeks earlier for undisclosed
reasons, but that information wasn't released publicly until

Assistant athletic director Rob Wilson said he couldn't even
disclose whether Sexton continued to be hospitalized.

"His health is the most important thing right now and not this
football team," said center David Castillo, who has been the
team's informal spokesman. "We just hope that he deals with the
issues that he is dealing with and that he can get out and get back
here as soon as possible."

Castillo said the only thing he knew about Sexton in recent
weeks was that he hadn't been attending voluntary team workouts.
However, Castillo said, Sexton was not the only player absent from
those workouts.

As far as Castillo knew, team members weren't aware of Sexton's
suspension or the reason behind it.

"We just knew that we were out there working hard and Wyatt
wasn't out there," Castillo said. "We have various team rules
about many different things. That might not even be correlated to
what is going on right now, so we don't know anything about that."

Coach Bobby Bowden is on vacation, Wilson said, and he wasn't
expected to be back in the office for about three weeks.

Florida State opens its season Sept. 5 against Miami.