Users respond to ESPN.com's Bottom 10

Once again, the The Bottom 10 thanks the many kind folks who shared their opinions about the Bottom 10. A special thanks to all the Oklahoma fans. Unfortunately, many of your kind e-mails contained language not suitable for this forum. Remember Sooners, the No. 5 spot is reserved for a big-time team that stumbled the week before.

Here's what you had to say about the the Week 1 rankings:

Sooner Red
You guys are higher than Tommy Lee. OU in the Bottom 10, thats just a plain shot at the Sooners. When's the last time you Mensa's teams won or played for a title...All kidding aside it did look like shades of 1996-98 (The Blake Years) on Owen Field Sat, but like the ol' gov of Cali says ...We'll be back. Sooner than later this time.

Brandon in Norman

Oklahoma in the bottom ten becuase they lost a game? Grow up.

Jon Gilmore

Okay, seriously I know OU lost to TCU but give me a beak.


I'm calling it right now. OU wins sixth straight against Texas. And I don't care how crazy you say I am. Bomar is the QB of the future. Every bit as good as the young guy from Miami I watched last night during the Miami/FSU game. Wait and see. We're not national contenders this year, but by thunder if we can't be, then Texas can't be either. Sooners over Longhorns by two in the Red River Shootout.

Jared (Broken Arrow, Oklahoma)

I love seeing the Sooners in the bottom 10. Ha! However, happy to see that Oklahoma State didn't make it after a mediocre win over D-1AA Montana State. Anyway, hope Stoopes troops spend some time at the bottom and Gundy can make his way to the top.

Ryan Stillwater, Okla.

True, Oklahoma is definitely not a good team this year, but to say they're in the 100s in overall rank is ridiculous. The only reason to do this is for the writer to get some attention -- they are still filled w/ All-American high school recruits, and to put them in the same category as Ball St, Tulsa, and Temple, should offend ANY and ALL OU fans ... I am not even a true fan of OU and I was offended to see this.

Anthony (Honolulu)

I commend you on the fluidity of your ranking system. Though your placing of OU in the Bottom 10 is sarcastic, they belong in that grouping more than they belong in the Top 25. The AP and other such polls could learn from your willingness to adapt to the reality on the field. If a team that you thought was one of the top 10 in the country loses its home opener to an unranked team, perhaps your original assesment of their place in the rankings was considerably off.

Cabo Rojo

Funny how you guys are so critical of OU. Yeah we lost, yeah, we looked bad. So where is Miami on this list? Oh thats right, you are biased ...


More Bottom feeding

I am in the University of Wyoming marching band and just wanted to say thanks for not adding us on the waiting list again. We thought it was pretty funny last year because we don't like our uniforms either.

Laramie, Wyo.

Which Way to Directional Michigan? No Directional Michigan in the Bottom 10? You must be suffering from back to school blahs. Summer vacation is over, Let's get your A game going! Not to worry ... With an 0-3 start and losses to Cincy and Indiana, I'm confident Directional Michigan will find their comfortable and familar spot in the Bottom 10 in no time.

dave (fairfax, va)

Although they have historically been a pretty horrible team, I think that the University of Idaho deserves to leave the Bottom 10. They played WSU pretty darn tough. If it hadn't been for some VERY early game mistakes, the game might have been even closer than 12. What about Hawaii? They lost by almost 50 points. I especially don't think putting them in the pillow fight is very fair at all.

Adam (Salem, Ore.)

I believe Boise State should be in the Bottom 10, because they were supposed to go into Georgia and put up some sort of fight, instead they got spanked bug time.

Matt (Chicago)

Where's Syracuse on the Bottom 10. I think the Orange got less offensive yards than Buffalo. Defense was OK but got extremly lucky. It was one of the worst offensive performances I've ever seen!

Randy (Erie, Pa.)

UCF has lost 16 in a row. They deserve the top spot. If you are #1 and you don't mess up by winning then you should not lose your spot. Do I think UCF is one of the 10 worst teams in the Nation? No not this year. Do I think they should have retained there #1 spot on the Bottom 10 poll? Absolutely! Please put us back up to the top prior to our game vs. USF (the rival we have never played). That way if we beat them, we can add that little insult to the Injury...and won't that be sweet!

Jeff (Ft Lauderdale)

How do you leave my beloved RU off of the list? Loose to a lame Illinois team after being up by 20 going into the 4th quarter? Coach Schiano himself should be on the list for his poor performance as a head coach and defensive coordinator!

Mike (Somerville)

What happened to Directional Michigan? No way that the all broke out of the bottom 10!!!

Ryan (Ann Arbor)