Users respond to ESPN.com's Bottom 10

Once again, the The Bottom 10 thanks the many kind folks who shared their opinions about the Bottom 10.

Here's what you had to say about the the Week 3 rankings:

Husky Howls

Can you hear that noise? Exactly, its the silence being heard at Husky stadium for the past 4 years as we sit in our seats hoping for a win. For those unfortunate fans like myself who have continued to purchase season tickets, we can only hope Idaho doesn't take away our one and only chance at a win this year. Until we pull our heads out of the sand and believe we can win again, we deserve the Bottom 10 like no other program in the nation!

Steve (Seattle)

Go Dawgs! New Year, New Coach but same result -- the losing streak for UW Huskies continues. Do I see a strong contender for the covetted Bottom 10 Crown?

Gord [Kamloops, Canada]

The Huskies did their best to impress the voters by getting blown out at home. Them getting pushed out of the bottom ten is another example of the East Coast bias.

Trevor, Pullman

How exactly Washington did not make it into the bottom 10 this week is beyond me. Maybe I'm missing something, but losing at home to Air Force and then getting POUNDED (again, at home) by Cal ... what does it take? The Huskies deserve their rightful place on the list. I hope that next week you will right this wrong.

Tyler (Seattle)

"If the Huskies win this one, a WAC title isn't out of the question. Oh, wait, the "Dub" is still in the Pac-10 ? for now." You are crazy. Did you forget UW won the national championship in 1991 and more recently beat Purdue in the Rose Bowl in 1991? You should be ashamed of yourself.

Dan (New York)

Uniform decisions

I think that is funny how you guys are always picking on wyoming.but wait whose record is 2-1 o ya wyomings is what does it matter what the unis look like. Not only are the band uniforms more classy than others but every sports jersey that the athletes form UW wear out shine many. Steamboat rocks as a mascot and you will never find a better and more meaningfull mascot. so get off it.

Jeremy (Gillette)

So I am a member of the Wyoming band that y'all keep lovingly refering to...Keep it up..its hilarious...and, maybe we'll get new uniforms! yea right,

Laramie, Wyo.

This is ridiculous. What ever happened to those Lightning Yellow Jersey's from the University of Oregon? They should be Number 1 on the list and for once give those Wyoming Cowboys a Top 16 appearance!! Oh ya but I think you should have a worst uniforms Bottom 10. So you can make those University of Wyoming Fans happy!!

Aaron (Montana)

Wyoming's uniforms? There is nothing better than the white and brown of Wyoming. Why don't you pick on Boise States smurf turf or BYU changing thier uniforms for the third year. Give Wyoming a break!

Danny (Logan, Utah)

Okay, I am a band guy. The uniforms at Wyoming are KINDA bad. But, the bigger eyesores are to be found (or not, as the case should be) in either the scary owl on Temple's helmets or maybe with the big "X" on the Marching Illini Uniforms. Or, Texas. Just look at them. Hideous.

Jake (Richmond, Ill.)

Why don't you leave the Western Thunder Marching Band alone and why don't you pick on anybody elses band uniforms because here in Wyoming, the uniforms are great.

James (Laramie, Wyo.)

Wyoming's band uniforms aren't that bad. If you want bad, please see the University of Oregon's band. Those are horrid.

Diana from Santa Monica

More Bottom feeding

Where's my beloved Kentucky? They have a billboard with a girl, Kitten, taking off her clothes for each UK win ... by the end of the she'll be dressed like an Eskimo !!


I can see leaving Western Michigan -- my 2nd alma mater AND defending Directional Michigan "anti-champions" -- out of the Bottom 10 after they covered the spread against Virginia, but I though the throttling the Broncos received at the hands of Toledo would get them back into the poll. C'mon -- it's the only chance the Broncos have to be at the top of a poll! Help 'em out a little!

Darrell (Schoolcraft, Mich.)

Arkansas State had no business being included in the Bottom 10 last week. To include the Indians, who fought hard on the road at Missouri, is a disgrace. At least you admitted your mistake after they shellacked UT-Martin and took them out of the bottom 10.

James (Memphis)

Room for another team could always be made by bringing back UL-U Pick'em. Besides, Monroe and Lafayette are #3 and #4 respectively. Why not combine them? When it comes to the Bottom 10, the more the merrier right? Hey, atleast this way, all those Sun Belt schools can finally be ranked!

John Rheaume (Haverhill, Mass.)

How could you leave the Husker offense off the list? They are offensive.

Roger (Omaha)

With all due respect to the "Directional Michigan" schools, it might be time for the Mid-American Conference to come in as 1. Central Michigan wins @ Miami-Ohio... ouch.

Todd (Three Rivers, MI)

I am a little disappointed that the Big Ten as a conference got left out or at least Iowa at number 5.

Pete (Portland Ore.)

How can you pick anyone for #1 other than TEMPLE. Not only do they get thrown out of their conference, but have been outscored 128-16 in their first 2 games. Maybe I need to get Chaney to send his enforcer to ESPN to straighten you out. Give them No. 1. They've earned it. In case you don't agree wait until Saturday. They're 30 point underdogs again.

Don (Phila.)

Army may be looking at another losing season, but scoring on the first drive against ranked Boston College?!?!?! Too bad it was the only score against them. ... Go Army, Beat Navy.

Jim (Ft Rucker, Ala.)

Wow I was at the SU vs. Buff. game and this is all I can say. Div. 1 athletics shouldn't have to take any more of that Bull****.

Dane (Syracuse)

With Western Michigan on the waiting list, looks like they've taken the initiative and may try to go it alone this year in representing Directional Michigan in the Bottom 10. Not sure they're strong enough, or is it weak enough, to endure an entire season without support from Central and Eastern. Good Luck Western Michigan, time will tell if you can stand on your own two feet. I'm betting that all three facets of Direction Michigan will be.

dave (fairfax, va)

You forgot Arkansas, who lost to VANDERBILT ... at HOME. That deserves alot of mention. The Dores may not make the bottom 10 this year, a win this week against rebuilding Ole Miss at home, and the Dores have a legit shot at six wins and a bowl.

Scott (Bristol, Tenn.)

To "Entourage" or not to "Entourage
I think if you tried a little harder you could come up with even more obscure and pointless references. Entourage? C'mon now, let's stick to sports.

Jason Taylor (Montgomery, Ala.)

Love all the entourage lines.


In the words of Ari Gold, "Silence is %&$#@ golden"... and so is this week's Bottom 10!

Craig (Los Angeles)

I USED to love to read the Bottom Ten! It used to be funny, exciting, and full of anticipation each week as I would check in for an update on the worst college football programs in the country. I can't read it anymore. What does The Entourage have to do with college football??? What does Tommy Lee have to do with college football??? It's not funny or entertaining anymore. What makes it worse is I don't watch these shows, I don't know any characters on these shows, so I don't even understand all the bad references you people are making to these shows. Could you please cease this Hollywood nonsense you have injected into my beloved Bottom 10. Why have you ruined a good thing?

Gary (Atlanta)

I just wanted to let you know that I loved how you tied "Entourage" into the Bottom 10-good work!

Karl Marzec (Los Angeles)