The Bottom 10 experiences a breakup

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The Bottom 10 inspirational thought of the week:

I'm gonna drive on out to the river tonight
Find a quiet spot, turn on my parking lights
I'm gonna drink some beers, try to catch a buzz
Turn my radio up and forget about us

I'm gonna lay me down on the hood of this car
Make another wish upon a falling star
I'm gonna think again about the way it was

I'm gonna close my eyes and forget about us

I know it won't be easy but I've got a plan
To just let my memory let go of your hand
I'm gonna miss your touch
But I know I must forget about us

-- Tim McGraw, "Forget About Us"

Breaking up is hard to do. Forgetting is even harder. But can you imagine the difficulty in trying to forget someone with whom you share a history and a name? It happens.

The Bottom 10 was saddened to hear about the breakup of Paris Hilton and Paris Latsis. The hotel heiress and star of "The Simple Life" recently called off their engagement.

"Over the last couple months I've realized that this is the right decision for me. We remain best of friends, and I'll always love him. I hope people will respect my privacy during this emotional time," said Ms. Hilton.

The Bottom 10 knows the feeling. We're dealing with the breakup of F_U. Florida International beat Florida A&M 23-6, while Florida Atlantic lost to Louisville 61-10. By picking up their first win of the year, the Panthers parted ways with the still winless Owls and ended our love affair with F_U.

There's another shakeup at the top, too. Sure, Ball State suffered a shutout loss at Boston College, but Temple's 70-7 loss to Bowling Green was something special. The Owls can't relax, though, Florida Atlantic's Owls are flying just behind them.

The highly coveted No. 5 spot was a tough call. Florida received some consideration, as did Urban Meyer's spread attack. Oklahoma State also was nominated. However, this week's No. 5 team resides in the home of country music. Sure, Vanderbilt is not a high-powered program, but did anyone suffer a more damaging loss than the Commodores home collapse to Middle Tennessee State. So, it's in Vandy's honor that C&W star Tim McGraw opened this week's Bottom 10. But we'll return to Paris' work to take us through the rankings.

The Pillow Fight of the Week is a daily double: Rice (0-4) at East Carolina (1-3) and Florida Atlantic (0-5) at Louisiana-Lafayette (1-3).

ESPN.com users had plenty to say about the Oct. 4 Bottom 10.

With apologies to Steve Harvey, here's this week's Bottom 10.

Waiting list: Arkansas (1-3), Duke (1-4), East Carolina (1-3), Hawaii (1-3), Kent State (1-4), Kentucky (1-3), Louisiana-Lafayette (1-3), San Jose State (1-3), SMU (1-4) and hard-luck Washington (1-4).

Dropped out: Florida International, Idaho, Louisville, Marshall and Middle Tennessee State.

David Duffey is a college sports editor at ESPN.com.