Users respond to ESPN.com's Bottom 10

Once again, The Bottom 10 thanks the many kind folks who shared their opinions about the Week 5 rankings.

Here's what you had to say about the the Week 5 rankings:

Voices on Vandy

In Vandy's defense, they were actually having yet another one of their newly-patented fourth quarter comebacks, getting from their own one-yard line to field-goal range (with an almost caught touchdown pass) before the law of averages took over. Florida, plain and simply, had their asses handed to them. The epitome of Top 5 to Bottom 5, I say (and I'm being generous).

A.S. (Nashville)

I think Vandy earned the right to stay off the dreaded bottom 10 list by reeling off 4 straight wins (2 of which were against SEC squads)

Daniel (Birmingham)

Have you lost your mind? A 4-1 team has no place in the Bottom 10. Especially a team which has beaten two SEC schools. Give Vandy its due. It is about time. You can fill your precious little poll with a myriad of SWAC, WAC, and MAC teams. Vanderbilt is the Northwestern of the SEC, and this is her year!


Give a hoot

There are only 3 1-A schools called the Owls. All are in the Bottom 10. Coincidence?

Andrew Hoenig

Have you noticed the trend of Owls being in the bottom 10? Rice, FAU, and Temple. I'm not scared of owls, are you? Maybe that's why these teams are continually bad.


I am a Temple graduate and normally when a person starts off a sentence like this, they are preparing to defend their school's honor. But I can't. It's hurts to see Temple play with such ineptitude. Frankly, I don't know what can cure this plague called owls football. Maybe Pope Benedict XVI can send up a special prayer and get the big man to provide some divine intervention.


Shouldn't there be a playoff between Temple, FA and Rice? Shouldn't Owls be banned as a team name?

Scott Fox (Philadelphia)

More Bottom feeding

Where's BYU? How can a team that only managed 10 points against San Diego State not be in the bottom ten? San Jose State even scored 21. (By the way, the Cougars - like Pitt -- are winless against Div 1-A).

John (Salt Lake City)

WHy, oh why, are the UW Dogs only waiting? After such a stellar run to finish 3rd in THE POLL last season they are now well on their way to a deja vue all over again season. Come on guys, show them a little disrespect and get them on the list.

Gord [Kamloops Canada]

After seeing our last opponent (UNLV) again in the Bottom 10, I realized that we in the Brown & Gold state kind of miss the attention. We don't get much from the other polls. A few years ago the Cowboys occupied a regular spot in the Bottom 10. Now that we don't belong, it's good to see memorabilia like references to uniforms. If you need some creativity try the dance team's (Wildfire), or the cheerleader's uniforms, they are the same colors as the rest of the school uniforms you know, or maybe even the fans cheers, like pointing out the player closest to the sidelines and chanting "#89's a B#$^%" This is one of our more creative cheers.

Jared Beutler Laramie,Wyo.

Hey Bottom 10 Guy, I can't believe K-State's special teams didn't get a nomination. I know Vandy deserved the coveted #5 spot, but the K-State special teams were something SPECIAL against OU. If Oklahoma State could get a nomination, the Wildcat special teams should have been in there too. Just my opinion. Keep up the good work!

Matt (Kansas)

As a Stanford alum, fan and season ticket holder, I say with all due respect: What in the hell have you been smoking to not have Stanford in the Bottom 10 or the waiting list? Have you watched that team? Do you not recall the loss to UC Davis? Giving up 300 yards passing in the first half to Oregon? Even worse, giving up 250 yards passing to a Navy team that still thinks the forward pass is illegal! Wehave earned this right. Please honor it.

Mike (Oakland)

Love reading the column every week. Depennding upon what happens this week, how about adding Clemson and South Carolina? Both schools may be worse than Vandy.

Jason (Boston)

As a Gator fan, your omission of Florida from the rankings this week was noticeable and startling.