Brown: Texas player discipline handled in-house

AUSTIN, Texas -- Any discipline of Texas players whose names surfaced in a police investigation into an alleged downtown assault has been handled within the team, coach Mack Brown said Tuesday.

"Obviously we had a few young guys that were out later than we'd like for them to be a couple of weeks ago. We've dealt with them within our team, and we've talked to our team about it," Brown said without elaborating.

"We handle all our discipline in-house, and we do not anticipate anything beyond where we are today," he said.

No charges have been filed and the university has not identified the players, but a lawyer for starting cornerback Cedric Griffin and starting tailback Ramonce Taylor said they were questioned about an alleged early-morning assault near the Sixth Street entertainment district on Dec. 10.

Attorney Ken Oden said Monday he's been told by police that no charges will be filed, although police have said the investigation remains open.

Their names first surfaced Friday when police said they were investigating the Dec. 10 incident and a Sept. 4 armed robbery. Police did not name any suspects but said investigators believed they were connected to individuals within the athletic department.

Oden said Griffin and Taylor are not involved in the Sept. 4 robbery. He says they were involved in a nonviolent "trash talking" incident on Dec. 10.

"We've given them [police] our full support from the athletic department, to the university, to the football team. At this point, no one's been charged and we're moving forward," Brown said.

No. 2 Texas (12-0) plays No. 1 Southern California (12-0) in the Rose Bowl on Jan. 4.

Brown said the Longhorns have had good practices. The team will practice through Thursday before breaking for the holidays and meeting in Los Angeles on Dec. 28.

Brown said the team would have a curfew during bowl week, but he said it will vary.