Texas '05 title ring listed, then pulled from eBay

AUSTIN, Texas -- Here today, gone tomorrow.

A ring from Texas' first undisputed football national championship in 36 years was listed for sale on eBay, then pulled from the site.

For a 10-karat gold ring valued at about $350, bids had reached more than $10,000 by Wednesday afternoon before the listing was pulled from the online auction service.

The anonymous seller said the ring belonged to a former Texas player but doesn't say whom. The name and jersey number on the ring were blacked out in the photographs.

Athletic department spokesman Nick Voinis said school officials don't know which player owned the ring or who is selling it. The ring is sized 10½-11.

"It's disappointing," Voinis said. "It's something you should be honored to receive. Every other player is taking pride in

NCAA rules prohibit current players from selling championship rings. But there's little to prevent former players from cashing in.

Texas bought about 200 rings for players, coaches and staff.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.