Oregon St. coordinator gives kidney to line coach's wife

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Oregon State offensive coordinator Danny
Langsdorf has donated a kidney to the wife of Mike Cavanaugh, the
offensive line coach.

Laurie Cavanaugh, 48, had living-donor kidney transplant surgery
on Tuesday at Portland's Oregon Health & Science University

Laurie Cavanaugh has autosomal dominant polycystic kidney
disease, which enlarged her kidneys.

Langsdorf was identified as a match through tests with 18
individuals. She said the process of finding a donor took about a
year and a half.

"I remember being in San Antonio at a football convention in
San Antonio and he [Langsdorf] came up to me and said, 'Hey, I'm a
go,'" Laurie Cavanaugh said Friday at OHSU, where she is

"I was like 'Wow!' After about 18 people, I was shocked and
excited. At that point I was getting kind of hopeless, I didn't
think I was going to get any one," she said.

Langsdorf, also speaking from the hospital, said: "I didn't
think it was right to sit back and not do anything, when I probably
could have. So I decided to get tested. The fact that I was such a
good match for her was such a positive thing."

Dr. John Barry, director of OHSU's kidney transplant program,
performed the six-hour transplant surgery on Laurie Cavanaugh.

Dr. Michael Conlin, associate professor of urologic surgery at
OHSU School of Medicine, removed Langsdorf's kidney.

"When you work as closely as a coaching staff does, you develop
some really deep and solid friendships -- I guess you could say this
is the ultimate in friendship," said Mike Cavanaugh, who, like
Langsdorf, is in his third season with the Beavers.

Laurie Cavanaugh fought back tears when expressing her gratitude
to Langsdorf, who said he was a merely a friend who wanted to help.

"It reminds you that when you're feeling OK and things are
going pretty good in your life, you shouldn't have many
complaints," Langsdorf said. "That's probably the biggest thing
for me -- to give something to a friend and have it work out."