Penn State's Baker, Bowman face felony charges again

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. -- Felony assault charges were refiled
against a pair of Penn State football players, two weeks after a
judge dismissed the same charges at a preliminary hearing.

Defensive tackle Chris Baker and linebacker Navorro Bowman were
charged Wednesday with being part of a group of more than a dozen
people that beat a man during a fraternity party on Oct. 7 at the
student union building on campus. The alleged victim received a
broken nose and cuts and bruises in the assault.

Baker and Bowman were scheduled for arraignment Thursday on the
refiled charges.

District Judge Carmine Prestia dismissed the felony charges
against Baker, 20, and Bowman, 19, on Dec. 5, but ordered the pair
to stand trial on misdemeanor charges.

Centre County District Attorney Michael Madeira said Prestia
erred when he dropped the felony charges, saying the evidence did
not show Baker and Bowman may have landed the blows that rose to
the level of aggravated assault. Madeira's office also filed a
motion Wednesday asking for a new judge to be assigned to the case.

Karen Muir, the attorney for Baker, of Windsor, Conn., said
Madeira's office was selectively prosecuting her client and Bowman,
of District Heights, Md., while not prosecuting other individuals
who may have taken part in the alleged assault.

"The commonwealth is abusing its authority and has selectively
identified two individuals it believes is responsible for these
alleged crimes, and is shirking its responsibility to bring
everyone responsible into court," she said.

Baker and safety Anthony Scirrotto also face a trial on charges
related to an off-campus fight in April in which police said two
people were hurt.