Ohio St. to honor '54 championship team

Ohio State will wear uniforms honoring its 1954 national championship team when it faces archrival Michigan on Nov. 21 in Ann Arbor.

The Buckeyes are among several teams participating in a rivalry uniform program sponsored by Nike. Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith reiterated several times in a statement released Wednesday that the uniforms will be worn one time only.

It marks the first time in recent memory that Ohio State will wear an alternate jersey.

"[Nike] offered us a chance to try a new uniform product featuring cutting-edge fabrics and technology," Smith said in the statement. "Participation in the program also offered us a one-time opportunity to salute one of those great championship teams that have built the Ohio State football tradition."

The uniforms are still in production and will be unveiled Nov. 15 on Ohio State's athletics Web site. Ohio State celebrated the 55th anniversary of the 1954 team on Oct. 24 against Minnesota.

"Again, this is a one-time opportunity to honor a great championship team," Smith said. "We have no plans to make any changes to the traditional Buckeye uniform for the foreseeable future."

Adam Rittenberg covers Big Ten football for ESPN.com. He can be reached at espnritt@gmail.com