Hit Me Baby One More Time

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The Bottom 10's inspirational thought of the week:

Patiently I've waited for this day to finally come
Knowing someday somehow I would find that special one
Someone perfect, someone true, someone that I knew, was you (I knew it was you)

-- Britney Spears, "The Answer"

Before you start questioning the Bottom 10's musical tastes, there's a reason we returned to the lyrical magic of Ms. Spears. Reports that her marriage ceremony was a faux wedding make Britney the perfect intro to 10 groups masquerading as football teams. Plus, when actual singing is not involved, why not lead off with Britney. She is also a nice addition to the Bottom 10's eclectic music choices, which have included Lee Ann Womack, Freddy Fender, Bruce Springsteen and the Ramones.

After last weekend's action, there are 13 winless Division I-A programs. While all are deserving of some Bottom 10 love, there is just not enough room. So, some tough decisions had to be made. Central Florida (0-3), Hawaii (0-2) and Marshall (0-3) will have to bide their time on the waiting list. Out of respect for the tragic death of CB Erik McMillan, Idaho was not considered for this week's ranking.

We head to SEC country for this week's Pillow Fight. It's not often that a BCS conference gets to host the prestigious Pillow Fight, so while most of the nation will be watching Auburn-Tennessee or LSU-Georgia, we'll be enjoying the Mississippi State-Vanderbilt contest.

ESPN.com users had plenty to say about the latest Bottom 10 ranking.

With apologies to Steve Harvey, here's this week's Bottom 10:

Waiting list: Boise State kick return squad (allowing your kick returner to be tackled by BYU kicker Matt Payne once is understandable, but he clocked Chris Carr twice!), Central Florida (0-3), Florida State's kickoff coverage, Hawaii (0-2), Marshall (0-3), Minnesota's halfback pass up 36-17 with 3:08 left against Northwestern, Mississippi State (1-2), New Mexico State (1-3), San Jose State (1-2), Temple (1-2), Tulane (1-2) and Wyoming's band uniforms.