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The Bottom 10's inspirational thought of the week:

This time I'm done with always screwing up
I'm sick of one direction down
I'm a broken picture frame
My whole world's twisted inside out

-- "From The Damage," O-Town

While the "band" O-Town features the vocal stylings of Ashley, Dan, Erik, Jacob and Trevor (really, the Bottom 10 Guy looked it up and everything), the Bottom 10 "teams" feature the football follies of Orlando's Central Florida, Ohio State, the Owls of Temple and Ohio's Kent State Golden Flashes. As to whether it's more painful to listen to the former or watch the latter, that's a question each individual reader must answer on his or her own.

Three teams escaped the Bottom 10 this week. Nebraska will have to give up the highly-coveted No. 5 spot after its 59-27 romp over Baylor, but the Bottom 10 expects the Cornhusker faithful to keep those e-mails coming. Idaho's off too after beating former Bottom 10 regular Louisiana Lafayette. The third escapee is Arkansas State, who upset Troy.

Central Florida, the nation's only winless Div. I-A team, lost to Akron and will enjoy a second week at No. 1. Ohio State's blowout loss at Iowa coupled with its three-game losing streak makes Buckeyes a solid pick for No. 5. As for the remaining spots, the Bottom 10 concentrated on the country's 16 one-loss teams and found eight winners.

A couple of 2-4 Big 12 teams meet in this week's Pillow Fight. Taking a stroll across Waco's lovely suspension bridge, which opened to horse-drawn wagon traffic in 1869, might be preferable to a seat in Floyd Casey Stadium for some, but not for the Bottom 10.

ESPN.com users had plenty to say about the Oct. 18 Bottom 10 ranking.

With apologies to Steve Harvey, here's this week's Bottom 10:

Waiting list: Arizona (1-5), Buffalo (1-6), Duke (1-5), East Carolina (1-4), Houston (1-5), Tulsa (1-5), Vanderbilt (1-4) and Washington (1-5).