College Football Power Rankings - Week 10

Updated: October 26, 2014, 4:50 PM ET

Two undefeated Power 5 teams -- Mississippi State and Florida State -- are making things easy.

All those one-loss teams? Not so much.

You might remember Alabama and Oregon from the top four in Week 1. Well, they're back. With one loss. With a healthy offensive line, Oregon has officially been forgiven for its home loss to Arizona. The Ducks' win over Michigan State still holds as one of the best this season, considering the Spartans' success. Alabama's only loss was at Ole Miss, and the head-to-head is sure to be debated. The Rebels' playoff hopes are far from over, and they are still a top-10 team.

TCU was a big mover this week after racking up 82 points against a lowly Texas Tech defense. With the exception of LSU's win over Ole Miss, college football stuck to the script in Week 9. That didn't make things any easier to figure out.

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