Wyoming 38, Utah State 7

LARAMIE, Wyo. (AP) -- With a new quarterback who played like a
veteran and a new scheme on defense, Wyoming looked like it turned
a corner with a 38-7 victory over Utah State.

Jacob Doss completed 18 of 27 passes for 239 yards and three
touchdowns Saturday. The Cowboys' defense, meanwhile, held Utah
State's offense scoreless.

The win ended a six-game losing streak inherited from last

"Hat's off to Jake," coach Joe Glenn said. "He lit up. His
poise was great.

"The greatest thing he did today was dump the ball off to Wynel
Seldon. He had everybody covered downfield," Glenn said.

Seldon led the running game with 99 yards on 18 carries, while
Hoost Marsh led on the scoreboard with two touchdowns.

Along with a new quarterback, the Cowboys unveiled a new defense
-- three down linemen and four linebackers -- that kept the Aggies
out of the end zone. Utah State's only touchdown came on an
interception by Antonio Taylor in the first half.

"They were way too much for Utah State," Glenn said of the
defense. "They just kept sawing wood all day long. They weren't
going to let Utah State get in on them."

After taking a 17-7 lead in the third quarter, Wyoming really
took control in the fourth.

"I think that was the worst half we've played since I've been
here," said Aggies coach Brent Guy, in his second year at Utah

Tyler Holden caught a pass from Jacob Doss and shrugged off an
Aggies defender on his way to a 51-yard touchdown and a 24-7
Wyoming lead.

Less than a minute later, the Cowboys scored again. Michael
Medina intercepted a pass by Leon Jackson III and ran in 16 yards,
putting the Cowboys up 31-7.

The Cowboys scored after Utah State's next drive broke down
quickly. With just two plays, they were at the Aggies' 2-yard line,
and Marsh ran in for a touchdown on the third.

The Cowboys took a 17-7 lead late in the third quarter when
Seldon caught a pass from Doss and ran 13 yards to the end zone.

Wyoming got a 33-yard field goal by Aric Goodman. Marsh's first
touchdown was a 39-yard pass play in the second quarter.