Obama's brackets in trouble

NEW YORK -- With his men's bracket a bust, the president is in trouble in the women's NCAA tournament, too.

President Barack Obama has just two of his Final Four teams remaining in his women's bracket after No. 1 seed Nebraska lost to Kentucky 76-67 on Sunday night. The First Fan's bracket ranked 140,027th on ESPN.com's leaderboard, better than just 26.4 percent of users.

Obama still has Connecticut, which beat Iowa State 74-36 on Sunday for its 75th straight win, and Stanford, which beat Georgia 73-36 on Saturday. He has the Huskies beating the Cardinal for the national title.

After his last two men's teams -- Kentucky and Kansas State -- were eliminated Saturday, Obama's men's bracket was at 2,111,104th, better than 55.8 percent of ESPN online ballots.