Wright, Reyes offer support for K-Rod

NEW YORK -- Francisco Rodriguez's teammates offered support Thursday morning, a day after the New York Mets closer was arrested for allegedly striking his father-in-law in the face outside the family room at Citi Field.

"He's part of the family here. And you've got to realize that no one wants it to happen, but it happened and now it's a matter of making it right," Mets third baseman David Wright said. "If there's anything that we can do for Frankie, I'm sure everybody in here is going to do it."

Several players, including shortstop Jose Reyes and right fielder Jeff Francoeur, had relatives in the family room when the postgame disturbance erupted following the Mets' 6-2 loss to the Colorado Rockies.

"She just saw a little," Francoeur said, referring to his wife, Catie. "I think it happened more outside, not directly in the family room."

Said Reyes: "My family was there -- my daughter and my wife. It is what it is. I don't know exactly what happened there. That's his problem, his family. You don't want to see that happen, especially here at the ballpark. But it is what it is. We support him all the time. One hundred percent we're behind him. I hope he comes out clean after what happened because we need him here."

Rodriguez's arrest came the day after left-hander Johan Santana had a civil suit filed against him by a woman alleging she was raped at a Fort Myers, Fla., golf course last October. Authorities previously declined to pursue criminal charges.

"Of course you don't ever want to go through any of the things that those guys are going through," Wright said. "But you can't go back and change what happened. You just have to try to work through it and make sure not to make those same mistakes again. Those are two of the better teammates that I've had. They've always been there for me. They're going through some rough times right now. We, as part of their extended family, have to be there for them. Of course, they're not good situations. At the same time, everybody makes mistakes. You learn from those mistakes and move on."

Rodriguez has been involved in a series of inflammatory events during his two seasons with the Mets. Last year, he got into a heated exchange with then-Mets official Tony Bernazard on a team bus after a loss in Atlanta. He also had to be separated from then-Yankees reliever Brian Bruney during batting practice before a Subway Series game in the Bronx. Earlier this season, Rodriguez had a confrontation with bullpen coach Randy Niemann during a game and needed to be separated from him.

"Not talking about yesterday -- the things that have happened earlier in the year -- he's a competitor. He wants the ball," Wright said. "He wants to be in there in big situations. Just like in other sports when you have some heated exchanges on the sidelines, the same thing happens here. You're around these guys six, seven, eight months a year. You're going to get into little confrontations with each other. You're going to get heated with each other.

"It's a completely separate incident from what happened last night. He's very fiery. He's very emotional. When he's on your team, that's a good thing. That's something that you want. Obviously, you don't want it ever to get to a point where it got to yesterday."

Asked whether it was particularly troubling that Wednesday's alleged incident happened at the stadium, with players' families present, Wright said: "There's not an ideal location for that, I don't think."

Said center fielder Carlos Beltran: "I wasn't there. I don't exactly know the whole details of what happened. It's sad that it happens there in the family room, but I don't know the reasons why it happened."

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