Mets' Johan Santana still faces suit

Johan Santana received a legal victory this week when a Lee County, Fla., judge dismissed a civil lawsuit alleging the New York Mets left-hander sexually assaulted a woman on a Fort Myers golf course in October 2009.

However, the lawsuit was back on track Wednesday morning when the woman's attorney filed an amended complaint naming her as the alleged victim.

Judge Michael T. McHugh had sided with Santana's attorneys, who argued Monday that the woman legally needed to use her name in the civil lawsuit, instead of remaining Jane Doe. So plaintiff Deanna Lynn Williams gave her attorneys the go-ahead to use her name in an amended lawsuit, which was filed Wednesday, a Lee County Circuit Court clerk confirmed.

The original lawsuit had been filed Aug. 10. Authorities had previously declined to file criminal charges against Santana.

The validity of plaintiffs remaining anonymous in civil proceedings has been argued across the nation, with courts weighing whether the private interests of being anonymous outweigh the public's interest in open court proceedings.

Michael Dolce, who represents Williams, said he respected the judge's ruling that his client needed to be named.
"There's no question my client was disappointed by the ruling," Dolce said.

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