Timofey Mozgov to come in off bench

NEW YORK -- Mozgov on the Hudson closed after a seven-game run.

Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni changed his starting lineup for Wednesday night's game against Golden State, removing 7-foot Russian rookie Timofey Mozgov, moving Amare Stoudemire to center and inserting Wilson Chandler as the starting power forward.

"I might have messed up a little bit by putting [Mozgov] out there a little too quick," said D'Antoni before the Knicks' 122-117 loss to the Warriors . "I just thought that was better for the team, and it might be, and we might come back to it. But right now for him, coming in off the bench is better for him, and the biggest thing is opening the floor for Amare."

Mozgov was averaging only 4.0 points and 2.1 rebounds per game, and he grabbed a total of just one rebound over a three-game span prior to Tuesday night's 27-point loss to Milwaukee.

"Our offense got stagnant. We were not opening the floor enough for Amare to get to the basket. Too many quick jump shots and not enough penetration, and hopefully this will work a little bit," D'Antoni said.

D'Antoni said Mozgov will continue to get about 14 minutes of playing time per night off the bench, and then went on to say that he might consider another change to the starting lineup by inserting Ronny Turiaf, who missed Wednesday night's game against Golden State with a sprained left knee.

"Obviously we're a little bit smaller, but we'll see if the benefits and the positives outweigh the negative stuff, just because of the size," D'Antoni said. "But we'll be faster, the floor will be more open, and to be honest, it wasn't like Tim was getting 20 rebounds a game. So I hope it's a better look."

Mozgov played just 2 minutes against the Warriors on Wednesday, scoring two points from the free throw line and picking up three fouls.

Chris Sheridan is a senior NBA writer for ESPN.com.