Tyson Chandler out against Pistons

NEW YORK -- Knicks starting center Tyson Chandler sat out against the Detroit Pistons on Tuesday night due to an upper respiratory infection.

Kenyon Martin started in place of Chandler, who lasted just four minutes in the Knicks' win against Dallas on Sunday.

Woodson is hoping Chandler will be able to face the Heat on Thursday at Madison Square Garden.

"We need Tyson," Woodson said. "But I thought Kenyon stepped right in the other night [against Dallas] and gave us a major lift, especially in that third quarter when we really needed it."

Knicks starting point guard Raymond Felton returned from a groin injury against the Pistons. Felton had missed the last six games and played in just one of the past 13. Felton started Tuesday night, and Woodson said he will gauge how the point guard feels as the game goes on.

Woodson said he planned to speak with J.R. Smith before Tuesday night's game concerning an incident on Sunday when the shooting guard untied Shawn Marion's shoelaces during the Knicks' game against the Mavericks.

The shoelace stunt happened in the second quarter as Marion and Smith were lined up next to one another on the free throw line with the Knicks up 48-33 with 2:08 left in the second quarter. The NBA warned Smith, a league source confirmed Tuesday.

"He shouldn't be doing stuff like that," Woodson said of Smith. "I'm going to talk to him a little more about it when I get in there. His focus should just be on playing basketball. That's what it's about, and those are things you just don't do. You think you've seen it all and something creeps in.

"I've never seen it done in an NBA game, put it that way, in all the years I've been around."