Amar'e Stoudemire honors brother

To honor his late brother, Hazell, Amar'e Stoudemire has invited 30 high-schoolers from their hometown of Lake Wales, Fla., to watch the New York Knicks-Orlando Magic game at the Amway Center on Saturday night.

Hazell, who Stoudemire referred to as "Big STAT," died in a car accident last February. His 36th birthday would have been Friday.

"I think of my brother and the knowledge he gave me every day," Stoudemire said. "I hope by giving these children this unique experience, I will pay forward some of the positive impact Hazell made on me and my family."

Stoudemire has provided the children transportation and tickets to the game, and afterward, he'll be meeting with them to talk about smart life choices and getting an education.

In memory of Hazell, Stoudemire got a teardrop tattoo just under his right eye last year after he passed away. While Hazell lived a troubled life -- he had spent time in prison and was arrested 22 times since 1993, according to the Polk County Sheriff's website -- "Little STAT" was in his older brother's corner.

"He always looked up to Hazell, regardless of whether he was in prison or not," someone close to Stoudemire said. "That was his guy."