1050's Jared Max reveals he's gay

NEW YORK -- Jared Max, a host at ESPN New York 1050 radio, surprised listeners by revealing his sexual orientation on the air Thursday morning.

"Are we ready to have our sports information delivered by someone who's gay? Well, you know what, we are gonna find out," Max said. "Because for the last 16 years I've been living a free life among my close friends and family, and I've hidden behind what is a gargantuan-size secret here in the sports world. I am gay."

Max, 37, who began hosting the "Maxed Out In The Morning" program from 5 a.m. to 6 a.m. on weekday mornings on Monday, made the revelation toward the end of Thursday's broadcast.

"I don't share this news with you today to get a reaction or to make news, of being a New York sportscaster working on an all-sports radio station," Max said. "I do this today because it seems to me there's never been a better time."

Max, who admitted to suffering through depression and suicidal thoughts while keeping his secret, said he was inspired by Phoenix Suns president Rick Welts and former Villanova basketball player Will Sheridan, both of whom revealed earlier this week that they are gay.

"The news I've just dropped, this terrific-sized meatball, will hopefully mean the start of a life of freedom I've sought for decades," Max said. "I'm 37 -- I think it's time I've released myself from these self-imposed shackles that have kept me living in fear for too long."