Giants WRs dance their way into bye

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Hakeem Nicks knew from the moment he woke up, there was no doubt he would be playing despite an injured hamstring. If there was any question he would be targeted, that was answered when Nicks was the intended recipient of the first two passes doled out by Eli Manning.

"I wanted to warm my legs up, get loose," Nicks said.

And he did. Nicks had two touchdowns for the New York Giants in a 41-35 win over the Dallas Cowboys, with the Cowboys Stadium's retractable roof opened wide to the night sky. Manning turned to Nicks under pressure, scoring twice when the Cowboys sent five or more pass rushers.

The Giants' win dropped the Cowboys to 1-5, and took starting quarterback Tony Romo off the field with a fractured clavicle.

The Giants (5-2) were down early, due to two interceptions in the first three minutes of the game, but Manning slowly regained confidence in the passing game, ending with 306 yards after making 25 of 35 attempts. Manning amassed 206 of those yards on passes throwing to the area of the field between the painted numbers and the sidelines.

"I didn't like the beginning -- two tipped balls for interceptions," Tom Coughlin said. "I thought we were back at the start of the season. Thank God we overcame it."

Coughlin said he didn't think that Romo's injury was the reason for the Giants' comeback. Nicks, for his part, said he didn't even really take in what the impact was until after the game.

"I honestly didn't think about it. As long as we focus on us and what we have to do we'll be fine," he said.

Nicks didn't notice that Dallas cornerback Terence Newman was hurt, leaving the game for a time with a rib injury, but he did notice he was being covered by a safety before one of his two touchdowns.

"Once I looked out there and saw the safety, I knew Eli and me were thinking the same thing," Nicks said.

Nicks had 108 yards on nine receptions, and Steve Smith had 101 yards on nine catches and a touchdown. Mario Manningham had three catches for 40 yards, including a touchdown of his own. It was reminiscent of last season's win in Dallas, when Manning threw for 330 yards and Manningham and Smith each had 10 catches.

Most importantly, Smith and Manningham unveiled their end zone dances, and running back Brandon Jacobs reprised the move he used last week. And if you wondered -- yes, the Giants wide receivers talk about their moves and have a plan.

"We try to do something new every time we get in there," Manningham said.

With the bye week coming up, they'll have a week to plan their next dance.

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