Feagles back in Giants camp

Jeff Feagles is still kicking around the NFL.

The New York Giants re-signed the 44-year-old punter for his 23rd year in the league and eighth with New York.

Feagles wanted to make sure that the knee he had repaired in 2005 could handle another year of punting.

"I needed to do some things physically to figure out if I wanted to go and do this again," Feagles said. "So right after the season I took a little break and then jumped into working out on my own and seeing if I could do some things to strengthen my legs. I thought I had lost a little bit of leg strength last year. I haven't been able to train because of my knee the last couple of years. So I felt that I needed to get into the weight room and do some things and see if it was going to hold up. And I was going to make a decision after that."

Feagles has never missed a game in his career, playing in an NFL-leading 352 straight. Brett Favre is second on the list at 287.

He had a 40.7 yards per punt gross average in 2009 and put 23 punts inside the 20-yard line. But he would like to regain his 2008 form, when he made his second Pro Bowl.

That effort will be spurred by competition. The team last month signed Jy Bond, a former Australian Rules Football punter.

"In my meeting with Tom [Coughlin] it was very, very clear that I was going to compete for my job this year," Feagles said. "And my answer to that was, 'That's fine.' I have been competing for a long time. That is what makes it all better anyway, competition. Plus, we will have another leg in camp, which will be good for me, too. So I just have really said to myself, 'Listen, get a contract done and just go compete.' And I'm confident that I will be on the roster."