Expect the unexpected from Gang Green

Here are 10 things for New York Jets fans to watch for in the draft:

1. TRADES: Mike Tannenbaum likes to be a rock star during the NFL draft, so it's a given that he'll be thinking creatively. If he doesn't trade up in the first round, he could try to get more picks by swapping No. 29.

2. FALLING DOMINOES: Despite the addition of Jason Taylor, the Jets could look for a pass-rusher in the first round. With No. 29, that pick will be totally dependent on what everyone else does.

3. JETS FANS AT RADIO CITY: It's a marathon this year with the draft spread over three days. Will the Jets have the same energetic show of numbers in the audience?

4. BACKROOM MANEUVERS: Rex Ryan said Bryan Thomas was safe, but if the Jets decide to trade up, a current Jet could be part of the package.

5. THE SURPRISE: Defense has been considered the Jets' highest need, but could the Jets take an offensive lineman such as Mike Iupati instead? That would be a jaw-dropping move.

6. RESETTING THE BOARD: The Jets have been particularly good the morning after; see the acquisition of Shonn Greene to start the third round last year. Now they have two nights to deliberate.

7. DIVISIONAL IMPACT: Who will the Patriots and Dolphins get, and will it affect how the schedule shapes up?

8. THE STEELERS QUESTION: The Jets play the Steelers late in the season, so whether or not QB Ben Roethlisberger stays or is traded could affect that game and a playoff run.

9. HOW MUCH CAN YOU TAKE? When is too much of a good thing just too much?

10. THE AFTERMATH: This is when Tannenbaum and the scouting staff really get to work. Since the Jets have only five picks (as of now, anyway), undrafted players will flesh out the training camp roster.

Jane McManus is a columnist for ESPNNewYork.com. You can follow her on Twitter.