Taylor hearing postponed to June 24

Former New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor was set to have his day in court Thursday, but his lawyers and the Rockland County District Attorney's office agreed to postpone the hearing until June 24.

Taylor's attorney, Kenneth Gribetz, said the case would not have been advanced if the Florida-based Taylor had appeared and they wanted to avoid what would have been a "theatrical spectacle" for a perfunctory hearing.

The Rockland County District Attorney's office is currently waiting for the results of forensic tests being done by the FBI. According to DA assistant Xiomara Lopez, the case is expected to be put before a grand jury soon.

The small Rockland County courtroom was filled May 6 when Taylor posted bail on charges of third-degree rape and third-degree solicitation. Prosecutors contend a 16-year-old runaway went to the police and said she was forced by her alleged pimp, Rasheed Davis, into having sex with Taylor for $300. Davis is facing charges including unlawful imprisonment and assault.

Since the alleged victim is under the age of consent, Taylor faces charges of statutory rape. In New York, ignorance of a person's age is not a legal defense against prosecution. Taylor could face four years in prison if he is found guilty on the rape charge.

Taylor's attorneys have said their client is innocent of the charges, but the Hall of Famer has lost endorsements as he faces this and a lawsuit from a man in Florida who said he was injured as a result of Taylor's negligent driving on Nov. 8. Taylor was arrested and charged with leaving the scene of an accident in that incident.

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