Lawrence Taylor due in court Dec. 7

NEW CITY, N.Y. -- The case against Lawrence Taylor continued to march toward a possible winter trial Thursday, as dates were set for motions to be exchanged between the Rockland County District Attorney's office and Taylor's attorney, Arthur Aidala.

The sides have been engaged in the discovery process since Taylor pleaded not guilty to a felony charge of third degree rape, third degree solicitation and endangering the welfare of a child stemming from his arrest in a Rockland County Holiday Inn on May 6.

"Mr. Taylor is rather comfortable with his position in this proceeding," Aidala said from the front of the courthouse.

The NFL Hall of Fame member appeared at the Rockland County Court today in a boxy black silken shirt, and the first thing his attorney Arthur Aidala did was apologize to Judge William Kelly that his client wasn't properly dressed.

Kelly said Taylor's attire was appropriate, and then both sides approached the bench to discuss court dates. Taylor will be due back in court on Dec. 7 after motions are filed on Nov. 19 and Dec. 3.

Taylor did not comment directly on the case, and when asked if he was in town just for his court date said, "I came to play golf." Kelly also denied an application to produce live streaming video from the courtroom made by Kaitlin Adams on behalf of TMZ.

Neither Arthur Ferraro, the representative from the D.A.'s office, nor Aidala approved of bringing cameras into the courtroom. The prosecution said that it would be a distraction and would be detrimental to the minor who is the alleged victim of a sex crime. Neither side has revealed her identity, instead referring to the 16-year-old female as "C.F."

Aidala said that, since any plea would involve a "ridiculous" term of 10 years probation, Taylor was inclined to exercise his right to trial. But he softened his stance against listening to any plea offers from prosecutors, saying that when both sides have been through the discovery process it would be an appropriate time. He said there was no deal currently on the table.

Ferraro declined to speak with reporters before and after the hearing, and calls to the press office were not returned.

Jane McManus is a columnist and reporter for ESPNNewYork.com.