Lawrence Taylor Jr. faces charges

Lawrence Taylor Jr. has been charged with three felony counts stemming from his alleged interaction with two girls under the age of 16 at a home owned by his mother in Powder Springs, Ga.

Taylor, 31, who introduced his father, Lawrence Taylor, during his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction in 1999, has been charged with aggravated sodomy, aggravated child molestation and statutory rape. Sodomy charges in Georgia can apply to either anal or oral sex, but in this case authorities say that oral sex is involved.

Major Matt Boyd, the public information officer of the Powder Springs Police Department, noted that this is an "in depth" case, and did not rule out additional charges.

Taylor's father, the former New York Giants linebacker, is currently serving six years' probation for pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges of sexual misconduct and patronizing a prostitute. The elder Taylor solicited an underage girl whose pimp, Rasheed Davis, was sent to prison after being charged with sex trafficking in the case.

Taylor Jr. is currently being held in an adult detention center without bond. On Monday morning, a first appearance hearing was held via video conference. A bond hearing could be set for the next few weeks.

Two minor girls called the police separately on July 6 to report illegal sexual activity with Taylor. One reported that she was sexually assaulted earlier that day, and the other reported a consensual sexual relationship with Taylor in 2012. Due to her status as a minor, however, she was not legally able to give consent.

The police sent officers to the scene and Taylor, still with the girls, was arrested at the house, located on the outskirts of Atlanta.

Kim Isaza, a criminal investigator with the Cobb County District Attorney's Office, clarified the maximum penalties for each of Taylor's charges: Aggravated sodomy and aggravated child molestation both carry a term of 25 years to life imprisonment if found guilty, and statutory rape ranges from 10 to 20 years.