Donations help those who lost jobs in track fire

CANONSBURG, Pa. -- More than $37,000 was raised over the weekend to benefit
those who lost their jobs when a barn fire killed 28 horses at The Meadows.

The money was raised through several events at the racetrack, including an auction of Pirates
ticket packages, breedings of top horses and a homemade quilt.

Magna Entertainment Corp. of Arcadia, Calif., the track's parent company, said it would
match the money brought in through bets over the weekend.

The amount raised is expected to increase because totals have not been tabulated and because
of a promised donation from Northfield Park in Cleveland, track officials said.

The Pennsylvania State Police is still investigating the cause of the July 6 fire at the racetrack,
about 10 miles from Pittsburgh.

The value of the loss of the horses and equipment in the fire has been placed at more than $2
million, of which insurance covers only a portion.