Agassi says he wishes they were already married

Patrick Rafter Patrick Rafter wore the No. 47 jersey in honor of fellow Aussie Graeme Lloyd, a pitcher for the Expos, while participating in the Montreal team's batting practice. "I had met him a few years back," Rafter said. "But I was glad to be able to come here and see what these guys go through on a game day. He showed me the ropes."

On seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger in the stands:

"I looked over in this stands and there he was -- the Terminator. Almost every guy in America looks up to him, you know. I
was like, I better play like a man or he's gonna be [mad]."

After losing to Andre Agassi:

"I still feel I have the weapons though the enthusiasm might not be the same ... But there's no reason to panic just because
I've had a rough couple of months losing a few matches. I still have that confidence and that's half the battle."

On passing Venus Williams to become ranked No. 2, her highest ranking ever:

"I just can't believe it that I'm two and it's just funny saying it. I'm just going to enjoy it, being two and keep doing what I've been doing and who knows, maybe, there's one more spot to go."