LSU fans' actions concern Auburn officials

AUBURN, Ala. -- Auburn officials reportedly have complained
to LSU about the easy access of fans to the visiting team at Tiger
Stadium, and Auburn's coach has apologized for a player's tiff with
the LSU band.

While Auburn's athletic director declined to confirm the
complaints, The Birmingham News said school officials expressed
concerns about unruly LSU fans who taunted Auburn players and their
families outside the locker room and near the team buses after the
host Tigers' 27-14 win Saturday night.

"Any concern we have in that area would be addressed with LSU
and not in the public press," athletic director David Housel said.

The wild night, which clinched the Southeastern Conference
Western Division title for LSU, began with Auburn being penalized
because some players stomped on the logo at midfield before the

"We work to create these spirited rivalries, we work to have
home-field advantage, but at the same time we have to be very
careful we don't let things go too far," LSU chancellor Mark
Emmert said on Tuesday.

Emmert said he had tried both Monday and Tuesday to reach Auburn
Interim president William Walker to discuss fans actions but had
not reached him late Tuesday.

There were no arrests and no injuries, Emmert said.

"As far as I know it was just some taunting," he said.

Meanwhile, coach Tommy Tuberville wrote a letter to LSU band
director Frank Wickes apologizing for his players taking the field
while the band was still performing its halftime show.

The incident led to kicker Damon Duval and at least one band
member shoving each other after the band marched off the field.
Tuberville said he apologized because "we shouldn't have been out

"That's my fault," he said. "The players thought they were
finished. We tried to back up, but got surrounded. But in an
environment like that, they shouldn't have been out there."

After the game, some LSU fans reportedly rushed Tuberville, his
mother, his wife and one of his sons as they prepared to leave the
stadium. Alabama and Louisiana state troopers had to converge to
guide them to a waiting van.

The News quoted an Auburn official who said LSU fans were
"screaming and yelling, but there was little threat of physical

Thousands of LSU fans stormed the field after the game to
celebrate the win while dozens of police officers protected the
goal posts.