Chiefs, Falcons have dynamic duos at RB

Being able to run the ball is crucial in the NFL. Only two quarterbacks threw for more than 300 yards -- Tom Brady for the Patriots and Marc Bulger for the Rams -- and one of them lost. Six teams had 100-yard rushers, however, and all of them ended up in the win column.

There are a lot of very good running backs in the league right now, and a lot of teams have more than one. NFL teams these days realize that there are a lot of advantages beyond just providing depth in case of injury to having a one-two punch in the backfield, especially if their star running back is older. Using a rotation in the backfield will keep the running backs fresh during games and ease the wear and tear over the course of a long, physical season.

Here are few examples of teams with very good combinations in their backfield that stood out in the first week, as well as some you should look for as the season progresses.