Seldon makes his mark for Cowboys, leaves marks on defenders

CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- It only took Wynel Seldon two tries to get
a 100-yard rushing game. But it wasn't the yards that impressed
Wyoming coach Joe Glenn.

It was the way Seldon got those yards -- lowering his pads,
laying into defenders and fighting for every inch.

"When I saw Wynel run so hard last week against
Louisiana-Monroe, get his pad level down and hit some people, I
have to say I was pleasantly surprised," Glenn said.

Surprised in part because of the week before. Seldon had just 56
yards on 18 carries in Wyoming's season opener against Florida. Of
course, the entire offense struggled in that game, scoring just 14
points. The Cowboys were overmatched on the road against a Top 10

"His first game as a freshman, in front of 90-some-thousand
people, he was all right -- he tried to get in a little bit of a
hurry and got going without the ball a couple times," Glenn said.
"I think he grew a ton in one game."

But surprised, too, because Seldon -- a freshman -- had so little
experience fighting for yards at this level. Even in practice,
Glenn said, the Cowboys aren't anywhere near as physical as what
they'll see in games.

"We don't hit very much in practice, so there's not a lot of
chance to put your pad level down and Burma Road somebody, blast
'em and hit it up in there, because we're thudding. I try to save
my team as much as I can for game day," Glenn said.

"So when I saw his pads getting down and the pads popping and
him breaking tackles and him running hard into the sideline and
putting his shoulder down getting 4 more, he showed me a ton. I'm
excited about the way he played and the toughness he showed and his
speed. I think as it gets down the road, people will feel his

It was that combination of speed and toughness that helped
Seldon rush for two touchdowns and 121 yards against
Louisiana-Monroe -- more than doubling his output from the Florida
game, and doing it with fewer touches.

"It was really a real coming out for Wynel," Glenn said. "He
showed me a toughness that I was happy to see."

"This is the first I'm hearing about a hundred-yard game,"
Seldon said after the game, "so I guess I'm pretty excited."

Including Seldon's scores, freshman accounted for four of
Wyoming's five touchdowns against Louisiana-Monroe. J.R. Moore --
who'll miss Saturday's game against Air Force because of a knee
injury -- had a rushing touchdown, and Chris Sundberg caught a
6-yard pass for the game's final score.

"I think they're going to get better -- those young guys are
going to get a lot better," Glenn said. "Sundberg didn't even
play hardly at Florida. He had been hurt most of spring ball and
fall camp, so look for him to come on. I'm seeing him do some good
things, blocking.

"We've got some good young guys that, as the season goes along,
they'll step in there and be pleasant surprises."